CrossFit L1 | Fundamentals

Our L1 classes offer a safe and excellent way to get started for individuals new to CrossFit. These classes will utilize all equipment (i.e., kettlebells, slam balls, wall balls, pull-up bars, gymnast rings) typically associated with CrossFit excluding barbells.

We will typically recommend a few months of L1 classes to new joiners to help familiarize them with a CrossFit workout’s intensity. We have found that clients who initially establish a strong foundation through L1 are better positioned to learn, remember, and apply the mechanics and techniques taught during the L1.5 class. However, with that said, some of our clients find that the L1 class fits their workout needs and have chosen not to progress through L1.5 – which is absolutely okay with us!

CrossFit Level 1 is strongly recommended if you have been sedentary for a long period of time, have significant health limitations or just prefer the “Boot Camp” style workout without barbells.