Welcome to Village CrossFit! Whether you are an individual just starting on your fitness journey or an experienced gym junkie already, we’d like to be the first to welcome you to our facility and into the CrossFit community.

The best way to experience CrossFit and to acclimate yourself to the methodology and intensity is to try it first-hand. Please contact us for direction on how to sign-up for and schedule a free L1 trial class.

Currently, we offer 3 class types (Level 1 | Fundamentals, Level 1.5 | Mechanics & Technique, Level 2 | Advanced) at Village CrossFit.

CrossFit Level 1 | Fundamentals (L1):

Our L1 classes offer a safe and excellent way to get started for individuals new to CrossFit. These classes will utilize all equipment (i.e., kettlebells, slam balls, wall balls, pull-up bars, gymnast rings) typically associated with CrossFit excluding barbells.

We will typically recommend a few months of L1 classes to new joiners to help familiarize them with a CrossFit workout’s intensity. We have found that clients who initially establish a strong foundation through L1 are better positioned to learn, remember, and apply the mechanics and techniques taught during the L1.5 class. However, with that said, some of our clients find that the L1 class fits their workout needs and have chosen not to progress through L1.5 – which is absolutely okay with us!

CrossFit Level 1 is strongly recommended if you have been sedentary for a long period of time, have significant health limitations or just prefer the “Boot Camp” style workout without barbells.

CrossFit Level 1.5 | Mech & Tech (L1.5):

For clients who have an established fitness base but lack prior experience with the barbell lifts, we invite you to attend our L1.5 classes. This course provides tailored instruction around proper lifting mechanics and technique when lifting with Olympic barbells. Classes are limited in size to ensure more one-on-one time with your CrossFit certified coach. Movements that will be covered include but are not limited to the following:

1. Snatch (Hang, Power, Squat)
2. Clean (Hang, Power, Squat)
3. Press (Shoulder, Push, Push Jerk)
4. Squat (Front, Back, Overhead)
5. Deadlift
6. Sumo Deadlift High Pull

We currently offer two options for L1.5 that start at the beginning of each month. You may choose to either attend a 90-minute Saturday course (Weekend Package) starting at 8:30am across the entire month (4 Saturdays total) or a 90-minute Tuesday / Thursday course (Weekday Package) starting at 6:00pm during the first two weeks of the month. With the Weekend Package, your account is credited with 8 L1 sessions to be used throughout the month. With the Weekday Package, your account is credited with 6 L2 classes to use during the last two weeks of the month, after your completion of L1.5.

L1.5 is recommended for those individuals looking to push themselves, learn Olympic lifts, and dedicated to attending classes. Our make-up policy is very strict as missing one class makes it difficult to progress forward as each class builds upon the previous and review time is limited.

CrossFit Level 2 | Advanced (L2):

Our L2 class is available for individuals who have passed our L1.5 course, experienced CrossFitters who have tested out with one of our coaches, or a visiting CrossFitter from out of town.
Please don’t hesitate to send us an or call us at 832-848-0VCF (823) if you have any further questions or concerns. We look forward to speaking and working out with you soon!